Pre-School Gymnastics

Tiny Stars (1-2 Year Olds): Parents, join your child while they enjoy making friends, gaining confidence, learning to listen, and growing their brain with music. They’ll roll, jump, spin, and giggle their way to gymnastics enjoyment.

Twinkle Stars (3-4 Year Olds): Boys and Girls balance, hop, swing and laugh with new friends as you learn to follow instructions, grow confidence, and enjoy movement. Have fun and excitement as you grow to gymnastics independence.



Rising Stars (Level 1- Ages 5 and Up): Hey girls! Bring out your inner gymnast!  Swing, roll, balance, and move with this energetic approach that will keep you engaged in a fun and exciting introduction to the basics of gymnastics skills!

Shooting Stars (Level 2- Ages 5 and Up): Shoot across the sky in excitement, leaping and flipping your way onto Shooting Stars!  Build upon skills learned in Rising Stars as you defy your limits in the challenging next step of your healthy gymnastics experience.

Shining Stars (Level 3- Ages 5 and Up): Get your shine on with our next level as you grow from Shooting Stars to Shining Stars! Expand your gymnastics journey while preparing yourself with the possibilities of competition that will have you soaring to new heights!!